About LiveFast





LIVE FAST Apparel (LVFST) was made for the ones who like to live fast in every true sense. Whether you are a car or motorcycle nut, this brand was designed to fit your image and make you feel good while wearing it. 

Lifestyle x Adrenaline. Eat it, breath it, live it. LIVE FAST.
Aaron Benson, the CEO and co-founder of the brand, grew up living fast and has a deep passion for anything on wheels. Combined with a fashion sense for design and his love for going big on everything he does makes for a perfect storm when coming up with how to make fashion and comfort fit for the every day car or motorcycle enthusiast. 





Seeing a need for a clothing brand that represents the lifestyle of the automative world Aaron teamed up with Derrek, a young entrepreneur, to create the apparel you are wearing today. This lifestyle brand is a summary of your life and your dedication to what you love.  LVFST wants to continue to innovate the most confortable clothing and street wear and we look forward to dropping new exciting lines for you to enjoy.

Derrek Trinosky, an avid motorcycle enthusiast was born to LIVEFAST. Co-founder of LVFST, Derrek comes from a very successful instagram background and currently owns and operates the largest motorcycle page, Sportbikelife. Passion, fueled by his drive to grow a brand that he believes in, he sees a bright future for influencing his car and motorcycle community by giving them a brand they can wear and identify with.